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Getting Healthy

Buzz and I started trying to eat healthier and get more exercise starting on January 1st.  So far, we're doing great with the eating part, but still have a ways to go on the exercising part.  We've both lost weight, even though weight loss wasn't our motivator.  We're just realizing how important it is to take care of these bodies.
(Better late than never)
Our blood pressure is back to normal.
Arthritis & Joint Pain ... Gone!
Swollen ankles ... Gone!
Plus, we feel better in general.  

We're pretty excited and hopefully steering off some major health problems in our future.   After all, we want to be around for each other for a long time.
We're loving Eating Healthy!
                                                              Source: via Geneva on Pinterest

About the exercise part  ... 
Well, working in the garden is giving us quite a bit...and walks around the neighborhood are good too, but we know we need more.
We're working on it!

                                                                   Source: via Erin on Pinterest

We'll let you know how this works out for us. 


  1. It's so easy to fall off the exercising wagon. I try to keep up, then get swamped and am at a loss for time, and it's always the daily task that goes to the backburner. Then I try double up the next day... and get un-motivated. You're right, it's easy to keep up with the food end, but the weight loss is faster with the exercising. It just takes soooo much time... especially when you have to make dinner for kids, help them w/ homework, etc. Daily life itself is exhasting. We should all make time to put ourselves first for a change. I need to spring clean my y to-do list. andrea@townandprairie

  2. Good Luck with it all. I'm on the same mission. Not sooo much the eating,but the exercise,
    x jeanetteann

  3. We've been trying to get out and walk more, too. Of course I get carried away looking at houses and slow the pace down to a stroll. :@

  4. Hurray for you, and your husband are off to a great start! Even walking around the neighborhood is good! I keep promising to get on the treadmill. I need to be more disciplined!



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