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ReStore Light Fixtures (A Makeover)

A recent visit to ReStore (Link) yielded multiple light fixtures.  With a purchase price of less than $30.00 and $5.00 for paint, we have three lovely fixtures we're proud of. An added bonus to this makeover is that we can donate our old fixtures to ReStore ...always a plus!
 (See the initial post on our visit to ReStore) 

Our ReStore Finds
(that little garden hose caddy was part of our find cute)
For the Master Bath

This fixture is what started it all...We had been looking for something for our Master Bath, and even with the shiny brass glaring at us, we could see the potential.  Simply spray painting the entire fixture with a hammered metal paint did the trick!  We're using that same paint on our cabinet hinges in the kitchen...(double whammy)

For the Guest Bath

This fixture wasn't bad the way it was, but we wanted a softer more French Country look.We simply spray painted a base coat that almost matched our wall color,  then added personality by hand.  It looks beautiful in the Guest Bath...Just exactly what we wanted!

For the Guest Bedroom

This little fixture will be just inside the door of our guest bedroom.   We changed the look by spray painting a base coat of gray, then added the verdigris color by hand.  The fixture still needs to be wired into the room, but we know it will be the perfect addition once it is.


  1. Nice work - the verdigris looks nice.

    And I heartily applaud your creative thrift!

  2. I love what you transformed all the light fixtures to. Very nice!..Christine

  3. Wow, you were so lucky to find such nice fixtures in the first place. They all had "good bones" to start with but now they are great! I especially like the green one...

    Thanks for joining the Bunny Hop party!

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  4. Paint is so amazing. I love what you did with your light fixtures. Thanks for the tip on the hammered metal paint. We will be doing something with our kitchen hinges soon. I wrote the info in my little notebook so I won't forget. I am visiting from the Bunny Hop party.

  5. It looks great. Thanks for giving me ideas and tips on how to do make-over with lighting fixtures.

    Grace Crawford (Website information on OnlyCubes Light Cubes)


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