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The Whisper...

Our Story Begins!

We had just sold our house, and were retiring at last. Now the big decision of where we would live was facing us head on. The "Not Knowing" wasn't a good feeling... 
This Home
Buzz found this mobile home in June of 2010; took pictures of it and thought it might be something we should consider.  I spent hours looking at the pictures he had taken since my schedule didn't allow me to see it in person. 

Even though a mobile home seemed like a good option, this one seemed so dirty (from the pictures anyway).  Buzz went back at least two more times to check it out from top to bottom...but we decided to put it on the back burner.  Honestly, I think I just didn't want to live in a mobile home... no matter how it looked.    

We had always thought we would end up in a cute little cottage some where in the Texas Hill Country and believe me we looked there, and in East Texas and in West Texas, and in South Texas and in North Texas.  It never entered our minds that it could be any where but Texas ... :)

We were both praying for God's guidance.
This wasn't a decision we wanted to make on our own.
The whisper came when I was driving home from work in December 2010 "You need to re-think the mobile home".  That's when I sighed and said ... "I know, it just makes sense".

I felt excited, and couldn't wait to get home 
to tell Buzz what God had impressed on my heart. 

When I walked into the tiny apartment we were renting, there sat Buzz, obviously getting prepared to break some news to me.  I was worried, until  he said "We need to re-think that mobile home", then I just smiled, and asked "When did you start thinking about that?". "Oh, about thirty minutes ago"...(God had whispered in our ears at exactly the same time)

Needless to say, we made plans to take another look.

When I went inside for the first time (in December 2010), I just walked slowly through the house taking in every detail. Buzz was doing the same thing... it was going to be our new home, and we knew it!   We were no longer seeing it for what it was, but for what it would be.  

We purchased our home in late December, started the remodel, and were able to start moving in on February 1st. We've never once thought, "we've made the wrong decision", because we know this is eactly where God wants us at this time in our life.  We're completely content...


  1. Very nice post. Such a lovely and gentle answer to prayer. What a wonderful heavenly Father we have!

  2. So impressive..i so love it when God whispers to me.

  3. Geneva...I am so excited to find your blog and what you have done. My husband and I have just done the exact same thing. We are in a small single wide home. We were lucky enough to sell our big home. God blesses us in so many ways. We know this is where he wants us to be. I am so grateful to have found you. I believe it will make our process easier. Thanks!!

  4. When you removed the strips on the walls, how did you fill them? Did you have to skim the entire wall or just the gaps? Also, did you strip off the vinyl wall covering or were you able to paint over it? Love the transformation -- your home is beautiful!

    1. In trailers it is actually a wallpaper board and can't be taken off without ruining the board. It just needs primed then paint it like a normal wall. We removed the steps on the wall then just mud and taped just the gaps in the wall.

  5. I just found your blog...we will be moving in to our new old mobile home in a month. I am thrilled to find you!! I know that the Lord gave us our home also....I haven't started sharing it yet.

    1. Ceekay I'm so thrilled you found my blog. I'm looking forward to hearing all about your new home.

  6. Found your blog on":mobile home living" and you did a great job! My dh and I did the same thing for retirement except we bought a new 16'X 90' to put on our 10 acres. This was 13 yrs. ago and we have never been sorry. We are in the process of remodeling/redecorating now.

    For those that have some questions about the walls. My dh and I used car Bondo to fill the gaps after removing the strips of wood covering the gaps on the drywall. Also, to cover up the vinyl wallpaper, first put a coat of primer like Kilz on then your paint color. Lightly tint the primer with your final paint color and your paint job will turn out much better and be easier, too.

    I am proud of all we mobile home owners and our lifestyle. Would rather have no money problems any day of the week!

  7. Thank you for letting me know you're reading my blog...I really appreciate your comment.
    I also appreciate your remodeling tips, especially the use of car Bondo for filling in the gaps on the drywall. I'll definitely be passing that on.
    We're proud of our lifestyle and home as ditto on your comment about that.
    Thank you again for stopping by to say hello.

  8. Thank you for your blog. We are facing a similar dilemma and I have been praying all week that God would show me the way. Yesterday we saw a MH and I thought it had potential. Tonight I did a search about how to add texture to paneling and, after reading several answers, there was a link to your video. God speaks in so many ways!!! I thank Him for leading me to your blog!

  9. I just found your blog! Love seeing what you have done. I too have an older mobile home, 1996 Fleetwood....very similar to your. I just took out the garden tub in the master bathroom two weeks ago! I've painted, pulled up carpet, put down laminate flooring....all by myself! I LOVE the Permaroof you had installed. I'm about 100 miles north of you in Oklahoma. I'm hoping to find a dealer here. Very exciting! Love your blog and your faith in GOD! He is awesome! Becky

  10. I just found your Blog and I could not be more excited! My Husband and I sold our way to large home and purchased a double wide in Northern Michigan. We are newly retired and just came back from being snowbirds in Florida for the first time. We got home last night and when I walked into our little (LookWater Cottage) we call it that because we live near Water., Cold as it still is here my heart felt so warm on being here.
    Today I asked God to give me a little sign we did the right thing !!
    And he did.............. I found your blog !!!!

    1. Thank you so much for this sweet comment and best wishes on your retirement. You'll have to keep me posted on how things go at "Look Water Cottage". It sounds like a beautiful corner of the world.

  11. I am so glad i found your blog! Apparently my mobile home was made by the same company as yours because other than the floor plan everything else is almost identical. I have the same ugly flowery particle board walls, the same vanity and green counter tops in the bathrooms. The counter tops in the kitchen are white but along the edges is that same green color, the same cabinets...only you have more than I do. I am in a mess now because after years of leaking some of my walls are warped and rotting and the floors are caving in. I am very impressed with what you have done to your place! It looks great! Unfortunately I don't have the financial resources to make proper repairs like you have done but I am bookmarking your blog for future reference just in case. Thank you so much for sharing!


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