Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rainy Days and Zucchini

Here it is the middle of July, and we're actually having slightly cooler weather and rain.

Both were unexpected and Both appreciated!

 Isn't he cute!  
Just like me ... he's enjoying the Rain
Now, down to the business of Sharing Recipes 

Remember this from my previous post?

You won't believe what I did with this ONE Zucchini

The first inch or so made this Zucchini Bread

I know...I was surprised too!

I found the recipe on Pinterest

We're trying to eat healthy ... so this seemed like a good choice.
(whole wheat & honey = healthy)   
The only thing I added were
Chopped Walnuts
(personal preference)

It's tasty but a little dryer than I would like.
(of course...that may not be the recipes's probably the cook)

With the rest of that ONE Zucchini
I made this Relish

Another recipe I found on Pinterest

I liked this one because it only called for 1/4 c of sugar
(kinda healthy)
plus it was quick and easy

This one has passed the "Buzz" test.
(in case you don't know ... Buzz is my husband)
See that small jar ... well, it's already gone!

So this one gets


I did use some of chili peppers from our garden
but other than that, I followed their recipe.

Needless to say
the little birdie and I are enjoying our rainy days

Him on my Front Porch
Me in my Kitchen

  Wish you were here ... it's just Glorious
I would Share!


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