Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Fresh Breakfast

I ran across a breakfast idea the other day that sounded so good...
I'm not sure if it was in a Magazine, Pinterest or a Blog, 
but it was so simple, I knew I could remember it.

Show & Tell

  1. Fresh tomato's from the garden
  2. Mini Whole Wheat Bagel's sliced and toasted
  3. Soft Cream Cheese
  4. Salt & Pepper

 (the parsley is from our garden :)

Garden Fresh and Delicious!

On another note...

We were only gone two days and look what happened!

It's so big, I didn't think it would be good, 
but my Mother suggested making Zucchini Relish with it ... 
 then we had a good laugh about the abundance from our gardens.

She said where she lives...
"You have to make sure you lock your car when you go to church,
 or you'll find Zucchini in it when you get back"

Then I wondered...are our neighbors getting tired
 of finding Zucchini on their doorsteps.  

In the mean time...
 Zucchini I come!
(If it turns out good ... it will be just one more thing to share)
Happy Gardening & Happy Sharing!


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