Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Guest Bathroom Facelift - Part Two

Our Bathroom Remodel
Part Two 
(see part one here)
Promised I'd show you how we did it on a budget! 
The Cabinets
We had previously painted the cabinets 
so they had a nice base coat / primer on them.
We found oops paint at our big box store a few weeks ago and lucky for me they were just the colors I wanted. The quart sizes of semi-gloss latex were only $2.50.  Note:  I rarely buy oops paint because I've learned that unless you actually have a need for it, the cans can multiply like rabbits.  When we moved out of a previous house (after living there for 20 plus years) we had cans of oops paint running out our ears.  Sadly, some had never even been opened ":o( 
I painted all of the cabinets inside and out with the gray paint, trimmed with gold then distressed with a fine grit sandpaper for an aged look. A couple of the door inserts were painted with chalkboard paint from a previous project ... Check!
Towel Hooks
I have several old silver trays and found a couple that worked with some hooks Buzz had in his shop.  Not everyone likes this rusty, crusty look but we sure do.  I rarely ever pay more than a couple of dollars for my trays, so this look didn't cost us much at all...and it's not something you see everywhere, which also makes us happy!

Robe Hook
Buzz had picked up this door at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore shop for $1.00 thinking we might paint a sign on it, but I ended up refinishing it for bath robes instead. 

The Mirror
Buzz also found this mirror  at a thrift store for only $18.00... I was with him and gave the ok, but honestly, I wasn't really all that crazy about it. 
I painted it a cream color and didn't like it, so I then I painted it black.  Ugh!  Still not thrilled, but I'm not painting it again...ha!  I printed out a music graphic from "The Graphics Fairy" cut it in strips and decoupaged it around the edges.  Then... just to add to the craziness, Buzz had just cut some dead branches off one of our neighbors trees and I was loving all the little twigs, so I cut them and glued them into the grooves of the frame.  It adds a little character...don't ya think?!  At any is what it is...there's certainly not another one like it.  ":o)

The Table
I have had this little table since the 80s and intended to revamp it for my daughter...actually, when I started working on it, it was for her.  I was going to spray paint it after I finished stripping it ... 
however, once I got it stripped down...well, I couldn't bear to paint it.  Buzz and I both fell in love with it just the way it was.  My daughter is good with me keeping it (for now anyway)  We've already made a new plan for her accent table needs.  
The Accents!
Some of the bits and pieces you'll find on my DIY the little bottle with the French Label, and the two little bottles with book page labels.  
They're fitting right in.
The plus side of being married for 40+ years is that you have a lot of stuff...and it comes out to play in different rooms through the years.  By the way...that lovely mirror was a gift from a dear friend.  
I've always loved it!
Still to Come...
I made a bold move and painted the top of the vanity with a dark gray latex paint (that we had used on our dining room cabinets)  We're going to be replacing it anyway, so I figured why not...the GREEN was making me nuts once I had painted the cabinets gray.  I did seal the top with three coats of a satin heavy duty sealer and it's actually holding up well.  However, we will be replacing the counter top as well as the sink and faucets soon.  Hopefully, they'll come in under budget as well (we have a plan)... ":o)

We also want to do something around the tub...and have some ideas using old shutters maybe, but we'll see.  I'll definitely keep you posted.

In the mean time... have a good day, and Thank You for putting up with 
my craziness ... or should I say "Our"craziness.  
Buzz is nearly as bad as I am ... ha!  
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