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You may think I'm going to talk about sharing the produce from our garden...
 seems logical I know
 but I'm not...
 I'm sharing a tip

For Taking Sharper Photographs

a tip from

 Her tip was to good not to share!
(just click on her button to see what I learned)

if you're an amateur photographer like me.  

Have a nice Weekend!


  1. I am headed over there- I need ALL the tips I can get- Thanks-xo Diana

  2. Oh goodie! I'm trying to soak up all the photography tips I possibly can. Your photos are amazing, so it must be a good tip. I'm off....

    Thanks for passing on the info!

  3. Ya know...I have had my camera for over 2 years and I have never used the timer...I think it's about time I started. Thanks for the info and your veggies look delicious!!

  4. You are the best! I was reading this.....and I'm great your photography is. I look at how crisp the vegetables are.....and then....I saw the button!

    Thanks for totally making my day!


  5. Is that three legged metal thingy a tripod? Never dreamed of using it without running to stand in front of it only to catch myself looking confused with my mouth open questioning "Is it working?" Good tip. Wish I had one of your garden tomatoes right now...


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