Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soap Box = Gift Box

When I shop at TJ Maxx, one of my weaknesses is their soap ... like this Patchouli that just happened to be packaged in a nice little box.   Of course, I love the soap, but knew I could recycle the box as well.

This probably isn't what you would have chosen to do with it, but I thought it was a fun project.  Besides...since it's so HOT outside, this project had me thinking COOL.  As in ... it will be Autumn soon.  
 By the way... this soap is Fabulous!
I spray painted the box black ... inside & out
 Added graphics from "The Graphics Fairy" using Mod Podge
I hand cut around the silhouette of this creepy guy...
Twasn't Easy!
I put a coat of tinted decoupage glue over the entire box then dusted the lid lightly with glitter...The spark lees even made this creepy guy look good.

I also sanded around all the edges just to soften them up a little.  I thought about adding a little bit of tinsel around the lid, but it didn't look so good, so I opted out on that idea.
Wah Lah!  
A Gift Box
Does He Scare You?


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