Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lampshade Makeover

Ephemera is one of my favorite things to collect and  I have quite a stash of old cards and letters. My intention has been to use them for an art project, however when it comes right down to actually using an original piece of ephemera I'm ALWAYS hesitant.  That's one reason I love the Graphics Fairy ... now I can print out beautiful graphics and feel completely guilt free to cut and paste to my hearts desire.

Like this new piece she featured Today

I used it on a lampshade that I had started working on a couple of days ago... 
Let me show you what I did.
I don't like cutting up books either...but I found three old encyclopedias that have given me that same guilt free freedom to cut away.
  • I cut the pages into strips and glued them onto my old paper shade with mod podge, carefully pressing out all the air bubbles and making sure all the edges were secure.
  • Once the entire surface of the shade was covered with book pages, I put a coat of mod modge over the entire surface of the shade to seal it.
  • I glued cording at the top & bottom rim of the shade...just to finish it off

I had never done a project like this before, so when I tested the shade for the first time I was surprised by what I saw.  A coat of black paint inside the shade solved my see-thru problem.  I think gold would have been nice too.  (maybe next time)
For a minute there I felt a little defeated by this project.
It was at this point that I added the Graphic
  • I printed the graphic as a 5x7 onto a piece of regular printer paper  then carefully cut around the silhouette. 
  • used mod podge to adhere the graphic to the shade with another coat on top to seal it...(being careful to remove all air bubbles).
  • Once everything was dry, I added a couple of different antiquing glazes to the surface of the entire shade to give it a little more character...(one being turquoise, which I'll admit was a little risky).

  I really like the way it turned out

My tired "old" lampshade has a "new" life!
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