Monday, June 4, 2012

Just A Little Garden Update

Since early Spring, Buzz and I have been digging, planting, and moving things around in the garden.  We look at it as a good way to get our daily exercise... plus it's slowly making our place look more like home.  
 We've added a Butterfly Garden
Some Texas Natives
And a Kitchen Garden

We've also added some FuN, like this bicycle...
We're not sure where it will end up, but it will have a place of honor.  
It's so cute all dressed in White!
We're also working on a potting shed behind our storage shed.   I'll be showing you all the goings on in there soon because we're almost finished.   
We can hardly wait!
Buzz surprised me with this cute Garden Bench 
made out of pallets
I Luv It ... it's our spot for viewing the garden in the evenings.

Then there are these 
Nifty new slippers for walking around in the garden. 
Buzz has a matching pair in Lime Green.  
They were my treat from a recent visit to Ikea.
Can I just say... We love them! 

Until Next Time
Happy Gardening!

Join me at the party!


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