Saturday, June 30, 2012

Scripture & a Snapshot - Job 32:7

giving glory to God through our photos

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Frame Upcycle

This project was just an experiment to see if I could save the frame 

This is what I did:
  • I tore strips from a piece of linen that was leftover from the hems of my curtains. Most of the strips were a little over one inch wide and I made sure both sides were frayed.
  • Next, I glued the strips of linen onto the front & sides of the frame with an all-purpose white glue, overlapping the edges to cover the entire frame. 
  • I allowed the glue to completely dry, then I painted the entire frame with white acrylic paint.
  • For added personality, I used mod podge to add part of this graphic from The Graphic's Fairy to the right side of the frame & allowed it dry.
  • Finally, I sealed the entire frame with a sepia tinted decoupage and inserted a botanical print, also from The Graphic Fairy's website.  

This project was definitely a learning experience...but,  I was able to save the frame and, I also have a semi homemade gift that I'll be proud to give away when the occasion arises.  
I love having little gifts on hand ... just in case.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Scripture & a Snapshot - John 15:5

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing."  John 15:5

Summertime Smiles

It's starting to FEEL like Summer 
Only a cool 98° today ":o)

The patriotic folk art is actually an old mail box that used to sit on a farm in Oklahoma.  We found him at a flea market in Canton, Tx several years ago and he's been one of our favorite finds over the years.  

Have a wonderful Weekend!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lampshade Makeover

Ephemera is one of my favorite things to collect and  I have quite a stash of old cards and letters. My intention has been to use them for an art project, however when it comes right down to actually using an original piece of ephemera I'm ALWAYS hesitant.  That's one reason I love the Graphics Fairy ... now I can print out beautiful graphics and feel completely guilt free to cut and paste to my hearts desire.

Like this new piece she featured Today

I used it on a lampshade that I had started working on a couple of days ago... 
Let me show you what I did.
I don't like cutting up books either...but I found three old encyclopedias that have given me that same guilt free freedom to cut away.
  • I cut the pages into strips and glued them onto my old paper shade with mod podge, carefully pressing out all the air bubbles and making sure all the edges were secure.
  • Once the entire surface of the shade was covered with book pages, I put a coat of mod modge over the entire surface of the shade to seal it.
  • I glued cording at the top & bottom rim of the shade...just to finish it off

I had never done a project like this before, so when I tested the shade for the first time I was surprised by what I saw.  A coat of black paint inside the shade solved my see-thru problem.  I think gold would have been nice too.  (maybe next time)
For a minute there I felt a little defeated by this project.
It was at this point that I added the Graphic
  • I printed the graphic as a 5x7 onto a piece of regular printer paper  then carefully cut around the silhouette. 
  • used mod podge to adhere the graphic to the shade with another coat on top to seal it...(being careful to remove all air bubbles).
  • Once everything was dry, I added a couple of different antiquing glazes to the surface of the entire shade to give it a little more character...(one being turquoise, which I'll admit was a little risky).

  I really like the way it turned out

My tired "old" lampshade has a "new" life!
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Chestnut Square

Sometimes when you least expect it you run across a little treasure.  That's how Buzz and I felt when we found this little historical village just about 30 minutes from our house.  How we hadn't known about it is beyond me, but now that we do, we'll definitely be going back.

We took several pictures, but I especially wanted you to see the gardens because they gave us inspiration for our garden and maybe they'll inspire you too. 


Then there was this little Guy! 
Unfortunately, we can't have
a goat where we live, but
we do like the idea of it.

To see more pictures of Chestnut Square
visit my facebook page

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Frames & Graphics

I've had these little frames tucked away in a trunk for years.  It occurred to me the other day that they'd be perfect for a little art project.

The frames are 4x6, 3x5 and 2x3
I downloaded several graphics from Karen's blog ..
Combining Bird Prints With Graphics That Would Serve As Mats.

 If you're not familiar with The Graphics Fairy...
she has wonderful Free graphics.
I added water around the opening of the mat to 
fray the edges and a little on the mat to add character...
but the rest was just like playing with paper dolls again.
I love that this says "Song" at the top... 
A Closer Look  ...  My favorite is the green one.
This was a VERY inexpensive art project, so if I  get tired of these prints...I can always download something bees for instance.  They are my favorite graphic from her blog ...  (just in case you hadn't noticed)

Then there was this... I printed a picture of my granddaughter, cut around the silhouette and layered it onto another one of Karen's graphics.  
Can I just say ... 
Well... You know.
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Friday, June 8, 2012

Mobile Home-Living Room Remodel

If you've never seen our Before Pictures... you'll enjoy these.  
They're a good reminder of just how far we've come 
and how BLESSED we've been to find this home.

Our living room is the last room I've featured on my blog.  Maybe, it's because it's been the hardest room to work with and I haven't been able to get it just exactly right, or perhaps I just over think things... I'm not sure.  At any rate, I've decided to go ahead and invite you in.   


The room is 16 x 14 and is open to our dining room & kitchen.
The open concept is great, but it's made the space a little more difficult to work with.
One of the things we didn't like about the space was that the front door opened directly into the room.  We've always had a foyer and liked the privacy that they gave when someone came to the door.

To give us a little privacy,
 Buzz mounted a bookcase against the wall and finished the back with bead board.   We painted it the same color as our walls and added a little bit of trim molding to finish it off.  Now we have a private entry on one side and a little reading nook on the other.  
It's working perfectly for us. 


A few changes we made in this room:
  • Removed the original trim from the walls, baseboards, windows & door
  • Applied an orange peel texture to the walls & painted
  • Replaced the floor covering
  • Replaced the ceiling fan
  • Replaced baseboards & door trim
If you'd like to learn more about our remodel
see our
Question & Answer Page

I could give you a list of things we still want to change
 in this space, but I'll restrain myself.. 
after all, is any room really ever finished.

More links to our Remodel

Monday, June 4, 2012

Just A Little Garden Update

Since early Spring, Buzz and I have been digging, planting, and moving things around in the garden.  We look at it as a good way to get our daily exercise... plus it's slowly making our place look more like home.  
 We've added a Butterfly Garden
Some Texas Natives
And a Kitchen Garden

We've also added some FuN, like this bicycle...
We're not sure where it will end up, but it will have a place of honor.  
It's so cute all dressed in White!
We're also working on a potting shed behind our storage shed.   I'll be showing you all the goings on in there soon because we're almost finished.   
We can hardly wait!
Buzz surprised me with this cute Garden Bench 
made out of pallets
I Luv It ... it's our spot for viewing the garden in the evenings.

Then there are these 
Nifty new slippers for walking around in the garden. 
Buzz has a matching pair in Lime Green.  
They were my treat from a recent visit to Ikea.
Can I just say... We love them! 

Until Next Time
Happy Gardening!

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