Monday, February 27, 2012

Making Hypertufa

After reading articles about Hypertufa for years,  we decided to try making some for ourselves... when I say we, I mean Buzz.  I got my hands in it a few times, but can't take any credit for all the experimenting he did.  

Making Hypertufa 
(a lightweight concrete)
I'll share a couple of Buzz's many recipes...
(most of the ingredients can be found at your local hardware store)
 This basic recipe worked great for small containers
and gave the the planters a natural look that we liked.

Mix the dry ingredients, then slowly add  water.  
The mixture should form in your hand when you squeeze it... 
not to dry,  not to wet.    

Our forms were simple containers we had around the house, and Buzz built the wooden ones for stepping stones.  

To keep the Hypertufa from sticking to our plastic containers, we sprayed the inside with a cooking spray, and the wooden frames were built so that they could be taken apart after the Hypertufa cured.  

When the Hypertufa is molded, wrap it in plastic and let it cure for up to three days before removing it from it's form.  If you get in a hurry, you'll most likely damage your hard work. 

 We used this recipe for Larger containers:
(this recipe makes a stronger &  heavier product)
4 Parts Portland Cement
4 Parts Peat Moss
4 Parts Medium Sand
4 Parts Perlite
and a hand full of fiber (like fiber glass)

Our Stock Pile!

This assortment represents variations of our basic recipe...
Lots of Trial and Error  
We highly recommend starting small.

This little garden ornament was formed in a 
shell dish from the thrift store.

 (now living in our Master Bathroom)

The possibilities are endless!

Have some FUN with Hypertufa!


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