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A Very Poe Crow - A Collaboration

 Mixed Media by Geneva Henexson @ my hearts song

A Very Poe Crow

Buzz and I are a team ... it's been that way

So naturally, when he started his new hobby 
drawing, painting, doodling
we immediately saw collaboration in the works.
For my part, 
I made a digital version of his art - added some graphics from
@thegraphicsfairy - blended, shaded, faded, etc and voila`

The Original

Poe's Crow - 8x8 watercolor by Buzz Henexson @ buzz art

Buzz in his little studio.
I added the hat because it makes him
look like the character that he is.

I asked Buzz,
"Why didn't you start this sooner?"
"It wasn't time," he said.


Blessings Friends
Hope you're having fun
creating too!