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Faux Fireplace - and so it begins

When the television in our Living Room went out a few weeks ago
 we immediately planned to replace it ... 
but the more we thought about it the more we liked the idea 
of not having a TV in that room at all.

We rarely watch television ... mostly stream music.
Now, a tiny WiFi speaker has taken the place of a massive television.

Buzz and I came to the same conclusion.

Faux Fireplace

We found the old header at an antique mall last week, which gave us our inspiration
and the rest is History ... or will be anyway.

Buzz has been busy ... and I'm liking the results!

Still, have some tweaking & painting to do ... but it's definitely shaping up.

Even our new kitty "Punkin" is exploring the possibilities.

Buzz and I are pumped to be working on a project for the house again!

Feels like old times.

We can't wait to show you the final results!
Maybe, you'll want to build your very own 
Faux Fireplace.