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Mobile Home Inspiration

Has your January been busy?  
Ours has...
I just realized my last post was a Christmas Greeting.

Even though we've been busy ... the wheels are still churning.
Oh yes, our to-do list for 2016 is looking pretty promising.

Time to Share

 I thought I'd share some of our inspiration ... 
maybe what inspires us, will inspire you too.

Mobile Home Inspiration 

 A Southern Belle with Northern Roots

Her entire home is delightful, but we're especially inspired 
by this feature wall in her guest bedroom.

It's absolutely charming! 

To see her home ... Follow the link.

Country Living Magazine 
Theresa Smith's Mobile Home
Can you see why?

I remember the first time we saw Theresa's home.
It absolutely changed our opinion about living in a Mobile Home... FOREVER!

We love her fearless "Salvage Style"

If you've never seen Theresa's Home before you can see it here

Whisperwood Cottage

This blogger is another BIG inspiration for us.

While we love this bathroom ... the entire cottage is designed to perfection.

If this eclectic style appeals to you,
you MUST explore her blog.
We've spent hours there.

Shabby Creek Cottage

Our personal Favorite.

We'll probably never be as bold as Gina, but we LOVE 
the freshness of her decorating style.

Her kitchen remodel is so delightful, but the rest of her home is equally as wonderful.

She definitely has a gift for packing style into small spaces.

Feeling Inspired?

Buzz and I are feeling hopeful about our to-do list for 2016
because it isn't real l-o-n-g.

Perhaps we'll have something to share with you soon.


What are you up to in 2016?


  1. Hi Geneva! I recently found your blog while searching for mobile home rehab information and I'm following your Facebook page now. Your home is lovely, and I can't wait to go through all your blog entries. My husband of 40 years and I are preparing to retire, me in April and him in June. We plan to put our home on the market this summer and downsize. Our desire is to live beneath our means, which probably equates to a manufactured home, possibly in a 55+ community. We are also seeking God's guidance in these big decisions and life changes. You and Buzz are an inspiration :)

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. I can't wait to see the direction God takes you and your husband; it will be exciting! Blessings!!!

  2. Yes I am feeling inspired by this

  3. Yes I am feeling inspired by this

  4. I look forward to seeing what you two do in 2016. Lots of inspiration that's for sure.

  5. I recently found this great mobile home reno blog: I am so jealous of her dressing room!

    1. I've been following them too ... enamored by what they're doing.

  6. Love those homes! To make our homes comfortable and cozy - lots of fun doing this!

  7. Lovely eye candy! I've set myself three mail goals for 2016 and have to start on any of them. How can January be almost over?

  8. All of them are gorgeous! PS is yours!

  9. Geneva,
    That dresser and mirror are gorgeous in the first picture. I love dark furniture, and this is so pretty. The turquoise kitchen is lovely also. I switch the colors in my kitchen from red in the winter to turquoise in the spring and summer.

    I hope the new year is being kind to you.

    love, ~Sheri

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