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Finding Our Peace

Our recent move has had Buzz and I 
feeling a little 

Some days, it's hard for us to think positive.

Some days, we just want things to be "the way they were".

It's on days like these,
that we remind ourselves of
Philippians 4:8

By simply adjusting our thinking,
the seemingly impossible happens...

Peace settles in
just like He promised,
and has us feeling

right side up

... excited about our journey.


  1. I'm sorry you've been feeling a little out of sorts with your move, but it sounds like God is seeing you through and picking you up when you're down. I'm sure you will love it when everything is settled and back to normal in your life. Prayers and hugs, Vicky

  2. I just read a great devotional piece for me yesterday about being content. Losing my dear husband 30 months ago was awful to say the least, and I've just had to keep my heart and mind focused on Jesus. That He knows exactly what is going on and He is working all things out.

    Hang in there and keep trusting Jesus. You are on the path He has designed just for you. Don't look back, look forward, and enjoy the blessing of living today. Philippians 4:8 is a great verse to remember.

    Changes are tough, but we can grow through them and be stronger and appreciate the good things in life all the more.

    Love, hugs and prayers for continued peace ~ FlowerLady

    P.S. I looked again at what you two did with your home and it is fantastic.

  3. I want tho say "ditto" to what dear Lorraine said.
    The Lord has given you a great verse to pick you up in those trying and down times. He is with us always, but greater still when we call upon Him.

    When you are finished you will look back and appreciate everything that you went through, especially knowing that God was right there beside you every step of the way.

    It is good to visit with you, dear friend.
    Enjoy your day!
    Much love ~ Debbie

  4. I think we all have to grapple with unwanted change. In all of that we dig deeper into the Word and God comes close to us. Wishing you more blessed times in your new place and knowing your past posts; you will bloom where you are planted.


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