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Butterfly Distractions

I've been pretty neglectful lately ...

I hadn't filled the 

Bird Feeders

in days.

Poor Birdies!

Photograph edited with picMonkey

When I got around to

taking care of

them today

I  was



Butterflies are Beautiful!

Happy Sunday Everyone 

Psalm 34:1 

PS:  It's been over two hours since I filled the bird feeders, and still no birdies.  That's what I get for being so neglectful.


  1. Beautifu; photo Geneva. I hope you're doing well...:) Have a blessed week....Vicky

  2. LOL- Geneva. About an hour ago-just before dark- I looked out and noticed my own are completely empty, too. First thing in the morning I have to get them filled. xo Diana

  3. Hi sweet Geneva! Your picture is simply beautiful. So nice to come by for a visit! Hugs to you!

  4. aw...butterflies need love too!!! I get lazy in late summer and was just thinking I need to get after it again if I expect any winter friends!

  5. Your photo is amazing Geneva! I hope this comment goes through, because I've been plagued with computer problems!!

  6. How easy it is to miss the feedings of our precious wild life. I sure hope your birds return.
    That is a lovely photo, Geneva.
    Gods blessings to you.
    Joy, Debbie

  7. It's difficult to keep them filled. I can't believe how much these little things eat. I'm not sure they're little birds - more like little hogs!

  8. danke für die schönen bilder!!! liebe grüße von angie aus deutschland

  9. Oh Geneva, this butterfly picture is truly wonderful. I always try to get a picture of the butterfly, but they always fly away too quickly. Someday.......

    I had a bird feeder for just a couple of days and no birds came around, and once I got rid of the feeder it seemed that the birds started to come around. So I just let nature take its course, and appreciated the sweet birds even more because they came to me naturally.



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