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Seed Packet Banner & Compost Tea

I ran across some 

old empty seed packets


Buzz had stowed away

and thought they would make a 

FuN BaNner 


cheese graters

could be strung up too,

maybe with twinkling lights inside.

What do you think?

 Buzz keeps all kinds of 


in the 

Garden Shed

tempting me to explore.


as you can see, 

it's a working shed 



while I'm taking pictures,

he's making

"Compost Tea"

Buzz's Compost Tea Recipe
(He makes this every two to four weeks)

Great for Organic Gardening

You'll need:

A Clean Five Gallon Bucket
Aquarium Bubbler
Painters Strainer
High-Quality Dark Compost
Sorgum Molasses
Rain Water (or Tap water that has set in the sun for two days)

To Make it:

Fill the bucket with water 
Fill the strainer bag/pouch with compost
Tighten pouch & suspend it in Water  
Add 3 or 4oz of Sorgum Molasses 

Make sure it's in a shady spot 
Turn on the Bubbler
Allow to run for 18 to 24 hours
  *The white foam on top is a good thing

To Use it:

Dilute with rain water (2/1 or 4/1)

Use a Watering Can to water individual plants
or use as a foliar spray directly on the leaves.

Best Wishes

from our


to Yours!


  1. I love the rusty garden tools. I've seen lights in the graters. Yes, that would be adorable!

  2. Love the seed packet banner and I think twinkle lights in the graters would be sweet! I've never heard of compost tSounds interesting! Have a blessed Thursday...Vicky

  3. Love all the garden tools and the "recipe". Your garland looks really cute and I think it would be darling to have those strainers strung up with lights- xo Diana

  4. Great fun post. I took some old seed packets to school when we had a Veggie Garden unit. They loved them. I love this idea
    we have another gardening unit this month. I'll have to do this. Thanks for sharing. Your always fun to visit.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Those graters would be so adorable with lights in them! Love the seed packet garland too. Mimi

  6. I just found this blog..your newest follower! The compost recipe sounds great...and something I can do. Loved all the pioctures!

  7. I think we need to raid your hubby's shed! Adorable seed packet banner. I love old garden tools. If I keep mine long enough I will have some in another 20 years ... LOL!

  8. Love your banner so much. I too adore making banners. Smart idea to spray the leaves. I sure do agree with you about $tree. I could go crazy in that place.
    car magnets

  9. Would Buzz like to have some dried donkey fertilizer the next time we come out? Love your newest patio area!

    1. Hi Carla! Buzz will never turn down some good fertilizer. Thank you for thinking of him. :)
      Hope to see you guys soon!!!!


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