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Mini Banner for Baby

 I decided that it might be fun to write about this when I was already on my way to the baby shower.

In fact, I took the pictures with my cell phone...while I was at a red light.

Now that's
Last Minute Thinking

 I got the idea from seeing tiny banners like the one above on Pinterest.

I made mine out of wrapping paper  - the handmade kind.

It just happened to be perfect for 
Baby Judah's

This little Mini Banner
wraps all the way around the package
just in case
Judah's Mom wants to tie it to something else.

It was a Fun way to decorate a package...sorry I didn't get better pictures for you.



  1. That little banner is super sweet and I love the tulle on the package as well...:) Such a sweet package for a sweet baby...:) Have a blessed week....Vicky

  2. What a fun idea...
    must have been a long light!

  3. What a sweet way to personalize a gift, Geneva! Lucky baby!

  4. a great idea! what would we do without Pinterest? It sure keeps our imaginative juices flowing. After Christmas the house can look a little blah - we need pick me ups to make it look good again.

  5. What a cute way to decorate a package! I will have to try that on one of my packages. I too love to use tule, you can do so much with it and it never gets messed up :-)
    Nice to visit again, its been awhile.

  6. What an adorable idea, especially for a last minute one!

  7. Oh, you and Jess are so creative when it comes to present wrapping. She made the prettiest bows and tags at Christmas time. Your banner is so cute to put on a baby gift. That's a pretty good picture for taking it at a stop light. :~)



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