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Party in a Box

Have you ever felt like you lived a Gazillion miles from the people you love?

That's how Buzz & I  felt on our Granddaughter's birthday.
That's why (since we couldn't be there in person) we did the next best thing.

We sent her a Party in a Box!

The balloons filled with treasures
(meant to be Popped by you know who)
 arrived in good shape.

Traveling through multiple states,
we only had one deflate. 

They also made the perfect
cushion for

 Best of All!
We got to watch the Birthday Girl open her box via
 which was almost as good as being there!

Say what you will about today's ever changing technology...
We Love It!

Happy Birthday Sweetie Pie!


  1. How precious Geneva! I know she loved it and you loved getting to watch. Technology is an awesome thing and I'm with you. I love it! Have a blessed evening....Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. What a beautiful little granddaughter you have and it is very hard to be miles away. Great idea with the packing!

  3. Oh, Geneva...what a fantastic idea! I bet your granddaughter was beyond excited when she opened it. And hurray for Skype!! I'm so glad you got to see those smiles! :)


  4. Happy Birthday to your sweet, sweet little girl. I love the idea of a party in a box- xo Diana

  5. Oh, I love it!
    We do that with our grands who live in Germany and it is the best thing when you cannot be there. We have even celebrated Mother's Day with a laptop on their dinner table and a lapt top on ours, we all had a meal together.....Our meal was a different meal than theirs and a different time than theirs, but we were together.
    I love te party in a box idea.....I am going to use that idea for the birthday in November! Or maybe I will just GO to Germany....wouldn't THAT be nice!

  6. Geneva,
    I bet your Granddaughter was so surprised and happy to get a gift from you in the mail. Jess has been trying to set me up a Skype, and it will be nice to see some of my blog friends when I have it. Oh, that little doll is so sweet. The 'party in a box' is a great idea.



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