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Staying Cool With Crock-Pot Meals

My Crock-Pot 
has been my go-to appliance this Summer.
Because I've been able to cook delicious meals without heating up the entire kitchen.
 I have no idea why I hadn't thought of doing this before.
Just goes to prove
"You're never to old to learn" 

 (Links are with Each Recipe)

Crock-Pot Chicken with Black Beans & Cream Cheese
 I've fixed this one more than once, 
and I always shred the chicken.
It tastes great served over rice, or stuffed in tortillas.
Very Flexible & Easy!
(for extra flavor I use a spicy salsa) 

 Chicken Thighs With Carrots & Potatoes
 This recipe is VERY simple.
I love that the vegetables stay nice and crisp.
(Comfort Food)

Slow Cooker Enchiladas  
 This recipe is more labor intensive, 
but it only has to cook in the crock-pot for one hour.
(great for pot luck dinners)

 Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan
 This recipe is easy and delicious!
If you don't over cook it, it really does 
come out looking just this good!

Do you have a favorite Crock-Pot/Slow Cooker Recipe?
(share the link in your comment)

ALL of these recipes and more of my Favorites
are on my
if you'd like to take a look.
Happy Cooking
Stay Cool!


  1. I have tried Pork Chops in the crock pot that my husband said was o.k. I thought is was delish. Then I tried cube steak, I thought it was wonderful but my hubby not so much. He doesn't like anything cooked with a lot of ingredients like casseroles and I love them. I say all this to say, NO, I don't have a favorite crock pot recipe but I wish I did.

  2. Those recipes ALL sound good, Geneva. I don't use my crock pot as much in the summer as I do in the Fall and Winter. I really should use it more- xo Diana

  3. Hi Geneva, I love my crockpot but haven't used it in a while. I am going to try several of these suggested recipes. They all sound so good. And leftovers too, for me! xo

  4. Geneva,
    These dishes look amazing, especially the chicken with black beans and cream cheese. I bought Nel a Crock Pot for Christmas a couple years ago, and she uses it all the time. I will send her over to see these yummy recipes.

    Have a nice weekend.


  5. I use my crockpot all summer long too. Have you ever cooked a roast in it? You can brown it first if you want to but I just throw mine in raw with salt and pepper and 6 hours later it's done and delish. I also make "cake" in the crockpot. Here's a post I did awhile back. Mimi


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