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Heat Pump Shelter / Shade - A Guy's DIY

 That's how our Summers are here in Texas

It wouldn't be so bad, except our neighbors tree died last year
and we lost a lot of shade on the SW side of our house.

The side that stays HOT the longest!

That's why Buzz decided to build this shelter/shade
for our heat pump

He used
4x4's, 2x4's 1x2's, cedar fencing material and shade cloth

There's plenty of room inside for air circulation and maintenance

Along with this nice shade!

 Actually, we miss the tree a LOT

but at least this gives our 
Heat Pump 
a little bit of relief
which in turn
gives us a lot of relief.

I know this isn't the most exciting post 
but I was proud enough of Buzz's shade solution
that I decided to share

 A Guy's DIY


  1. It looks great and is practical...the best of both worlds!

  2. I understand your pride in your husband doing the practical. It looks very nice. My DH spent a lot of time and tried lots of ways to keep the west side of our house cool.

  3. A wonderful idea for sure.
    We had to put an awning over our window unit a couple of years ago...(or maybe last year, now I can't remember!)
    Anyway, it helped. We have awnings on most our windows now...what a difference it makes in the temperature of the room.
    Is that a 'solar' type screen he used? That stuff is great! Our son-in-law works for a solar screen place and he has given us some spare drop off pieces for shades and things.

    have a great week. Hope you stay cool!

  4. Great idea! I was wondering how to optimize my heater shelter, this one give a good answer, thank you:)


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