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On the Road in East Texas

Just for Grins 
As Buzz and I have traveled to East Texas over the past several months, we've seen some things that made us smile ... or at least, stopped us in our tracks.
Let me show you what I mean.
First of all, if you've never been to East Texas, let me tell you, it's covered with trees and the flowers are always beautiful.  In fact, East Texas is well known for it's  Dogwood trees and Azalea bushes...
both breathtaking when in full bloom.
But then there is this!

We spotted him outside one of our favorite "Mom & Pop" cafe's.
Some how this just doesn't seem right - no matter how you look at it.  
(and I'm not talking about the fact that he's holding Poinsettia on the first day of Spring)
Then there was this!

 At least the license plate says Arkansas...
I'm sure no one in Texas would EVER do this.
(shouldn't this be illegal?!?!)

To say the least, 
both of these were a little unsettling,
seeing this made up for it.
I took this picture of Daffodil's along the roadside last Spring,
  but it looked just the same yesterday when we drove by.

So Beautiful
Fully Redeemed
East Texas 
in our minds


  1. Too funny! I thought we Floridians were the only ones with such unique sights...:) The daffodils are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. I'm still anxiously awaiting your porch reveal!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  2. LOL- Those are SO SO wrong! However, the field of yellow is beautiful- xo Diana

  3. ha ha ha! that is hilarious. Those are daffodils?!
    I have never seen daffodils like that here. I did finally see my first patchiness of bluebonnets on Tuesday though!
    It's funny you say East Texas... and that could be anywhere in a couple hundred or more Miles of Spread!!!
    ...and yes, you see some strange sights in my neck of the woods too. :) Pat

  4. thanks goodness someone is having spring-like weather...none in these parts at all!!

  5. Geneva, Thank you for the laugh. I mean a belly roll kinda laugh! I think my dogs though I was going crazy. I guess it's because I'm the only one in the house and I was just cracking up...Thank God for laughter, cuz that felt good ;)


  6. As a Canadian I just didn't know what to expect when visiting Texas. My impressions - huge ranches, Riverwalk, Alamo, Chuck Swindoll's church, Hobby Lobby, barbecue pit stops - hey I was impressed with everything! God willing I will be back! You love daffodils too, eh?

  7. I just got back from visiting my daughter, her husband and their brand new baby daughter (their first) in Austin! Beautiful sunshine, warmth, bluebonnets just starting to bloom (of course baby Kemper outshone all of that). Got back to Memphis last night with a freeze warning and winter storm advisory for sleet and snow today. The sleet and snow didn't materialize, but it's dreary and cold -- missing Austin already!

  8. Beautiful daffodils! Poor little donkey! Not sure what to say about the deer/man...Mimi

  9. The deer person, very clever way to get your attention!! Also feel sorry for the poor donkey. You are right, those daffodils were well worth the trip!

  10. Hey neighbor. I've been a north Texas girl for couple decades now. LOVE the Texas roadside wild flowers of spring, such a splash of splendor.

  11. What a fun road the daffodils!


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