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Christmastime Memories

The memories that are made at Christmas 
 can last a lifetime 
I think that's why Buzz and I enjoy these old chippy glass ornaments ... Seeing them on our tree is conjuring up so many memories of the simple Christmastimes we had when we were both growing up.   These ornaments were a thrift store find a few years back - their faded colors, chippy paint and even hints of sprayed on snowflakes are what make them so beautiful to us.  

Chippy Glass Ornaments
Old Toys
Our Kids Handmade Ornaments
(from years ago)
 are making our home feel so Festive 

During the Christmas season,
I hope that your own times of excitement and sharing
and fellowship will leave you with a special gift -
Memories that will last a lifetime.
James Dobson

On another note...

                                                                          Source: via Geneva on Pinterest
When I was going through my ornaments yesterday,
I found an old slinky.
I think I have to make this... ":o)
"Merry Christmas Birdies"
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  1. The old ornament are the most precious.
    Love your bird feeder!

  2. I love those ornaments, too. They remind me of hanging Shiny Bright ornaments on my mother's and grandmother's trees in a much simpler time.

    What a cute birdfeeder idea!

  3. how nice.. ever since I got married and left my home country I bought new decorations, but I still have my old ones in Romania.. maybe next year when I go there I'll bring back some.

  4. memories are what makes christmas special as I get out my treasures and remember where they came from.

  5. Very nice! Love the setimential ornaments the best. Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  6. I love that old slinky idea. I just got done putting all my son's handmade ornaments on our living room tree. That's my favorite part of the holiday season.

  7. I think I have to make that slinky birdfeeder! How awesome is that? I'll have to pinterest it too! And, I think my Gramma had bells made out of Christmas cards....I forgot about those. Memories are great! Thanks. wendy xo
    Thanks for your comments on my blog too! You are sweet.

  8. I am very late to visit and to say thank you for linking up to my Pinning and Singing party-I am so sorry! I have been a bit pre-occupied with my 12 Days of Christmas series on my Christmas blog! Have you been by to visit? I would be so thrilled if you did-there's lots of Christmas inspiration over there!

    Thanks again for linking up and sharing these great pins! This was a beautiful post!

    Best Christmas wishes and happy pinning!

    Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me


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