Monday, October 29, 2018

Faux Mantel - My Heart's Singing

As promised - I'm sharing our
Faux Fireplace

It's nothing fancy, but neither are we. 

The simplicity suits us perfectly.

 It's made with something old, and something new.

We're excited!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Faux Fireplace - and so it begins

When the television in our Living Room went out a few weeks ago
 we immediately planned to replace it ... 
but the more we thought about it the more we liked the idea 
of not having a TV in that room at all.

We rarely watch television ... mostly stream music.
Now, a tiny WiFi speaker has taken the place of a massive television.

Buzz and I came to the same conclusion.

Faux Fireplace

We found the old header at an antique mall last week, which gave us our inspiration
and the rest is History ... or will be anyway.

Buzz has been busy ... and I'm liking the results!

Still, have some tweaking & painting to do ... but it's definitely shaping up.

Even our new kitty "Punkin" is exploring the possibilities.

Buzz and I are pumped to be working on a project for the house again!

Feels like old times.

We can't wait to show you the final results!
Maybe, you'll want to build your very own 
Faux Fireplace.


Thursday, October 18, 2018

Mobile Home Living ... Retirement Style

What's it like to live in a Mobile Home
and in a Mobile Home Park?

Pretty much, just like anywhere else you live.

When we retired eight years ago, we lived in a community that was primarily Seniors ... just like we are.
That all changed about four years ago when we were uprooted along with
200 + families because the property was sold to a developer. 
I talked about it here.

We were heartbroken! 


The Lord led us here.

I remember telling Him ... "this isn't where I want to live", bottom lip out and everything.

His reply ... "stop complaining and thank me, I'm going to bless you there".

 And He has,
in ways too numerous to mention.

Nothing fancy ... homes in a row ... dotted with trees here and there.

It's well-maintained, for the most part,
- neighbors are friendly and quiet
- a bit of ground to tend and
- enough space to have some privacy.

Whoever lived in this space before, had planted crepe myrtle trees
in all the right places, and the plants we moved with us have
begun to mature ... it's starting to feel like HOME.

Buzz ... always a good sport.

We might have purchased acreage but at this time in our lives,
we opted for the freedom to travel if we want to ...
or spend LOTS of quiet days at home.  

This lifestyle isn't for everyone, but it suits us perfectly.
Just the right size ... just the right price.

Just like the sign says ... "this is our happy place"! 


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Remodeling Inspiration from Patty Harrington

Patty Harrington is a Mobile Home Owner
who was kind enough to share a few pictures
of the remodel, she did a few years back.

Isn't this gorgeous!

Patty lives in a Double Wide that has been taken to the
Next Level
with her beautiful Tuscan Style.

One way she achieved this look was
to apply her version of Venetian Plaster.

Patty said that she varied the thickness, depending
on the flaws and cracks that were being covered up.

It's lovely!

In the dining room, 
she added this beautiful damask relief pattern
 that mirrors a wallpaper in the same room.

Can you believe she did most of the work herself?

She said used whatever was available at the time
 Habitat, Craigslist & Lowes mistuned paint section.

(A girl after my own heart)

Her home is so elegant and tastefully done!


Patty also sent this picture from
her Sister-in-laws home.

She remodeled her bathroom vanity with reclaimed wood.

They inspire me ... I want to see more.  Don't you?

Thank You, Patty, for sharing your inspiration with us!

Stay Inspired and have a Great Week!

Monday, October 1, 2018

Hello October - Meet Our Rescued Kitty


Fun News from our House to Yours

Just days ago, I snapped this picture of a kitten visiting our garden.
She looked so cute and curious ... we wondered what she was looking at.

We had met her before ... 
she was a stray ... belonging to no one and everyone.


Buzz and I made the Commitment ... and Rescued Her!

Buzz says... "She needed us and we needed her".

It's been four days now, and she's pretty much perfect.

We've laughed out loud more than once
and LOVE her sweet personality.

We think she's a gift from God.

Happy First Day of October!


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