Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring - And New Beginnings

Happy First Day of Spring!

(from our front porch to yours)

We're getting excited about Spring at our house.
How about you?

If you're a follower, you know that last Spring, 
Buzz and I made a BIG unplanned move.   

Mobile Home Communities

When Buzz and I retired in 2010, we made the decision to 
downsize to a mobile home in an existing community.
It was a well-established community, so we didn't hesitate 
to make the small piece of land around our house our own.
We poured time, energy and money into a landscape that didn't
belong to us ... our decision, our risk.

Four years later ... almost to the day, 
we were told that the entire community had been sold 
and almost 300 families would have to move.

We were in shock and had some decisions to make -

Should we buy land?
Should we move into another MH Community?
Should we sell our home?

 After a LOT of Prayer, we made the decision to move
into another MH Community.

Okay, I know some of you are thinking, "didn't they learn the first time"?

Here's why we did it.

It's pretty simple ... we enjoy this lifestyle.
We enjoy the manageable green space (our yard).
We like being part of a small community
It's affordable & we feel safe.
It's where we feel like God want's us to be.

Could it happen again?
deo volente - (if it's meant to be)
Today, we're simply excited to see Spring again.

Buzz ... "The Garden Guy"
has a clean slate!

PS:  Sorry, it's taken so long to explain why we moved.  
If you're wondering how our house held up during the did great!  
Textured walls and all.

One of the perks to living in a mobile location, same home.



  1. Looking forward to pictures! Happy Spring and I'm glad your home survived the move.


  2. We're getting excited about spring too. No blooms yet but seeing popping sprouts everywhere. So happy to hear your move went well. New areas can be inspiring to create new gardens.

  3. Home is what you make it and you're good at that! Looking forward to seeing all of your projects - they're always inspiring!

  4. So excited to see what you do with your new space- I'm sure it will be beautiful like everything else you two put your hands to:)

  5. Fingers crossed you will know only good things in the new space.

  6. Somehow, someway, I have not been getting your updates in my feed. Anyway, would you believe I just spent over an hour going back and reading every single post you did about your mobile home--all the remodels,etc. I love what you have done! Great job. I could easily adapt to mobile home living and simplify life! I am so happy for you -happy that your move turned out okay, too. Blessings...xo Diana ps. It sure was fun reading and seeing all the changes you made.

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