Sunday, August 14, 2016

How are Things at the Homeplace?

How are things at the new homeplace?
I had a blogger ask me that yesterday and it got me itching to touch base with you again.
Sometimes, life just gets in the way ... which isn't always a bad thing.  :) 

Mobile Cottage

We moved our mobile home a little over a year ago, so now, we lovingly refer to it as the Mobile Cottage.  Kinda like a "BIG" ... Tiny House.  By the way...we love the HGTV show Tiny House Hunters,  but sometimes scratch our heads and wonder why some of the Tiny House Families haven't purchased a Mobile Cottage like ours...makes perfect sense to us.  We know from experience that a family living in a tiny space can be a little testy.  Seriously, there are only two of us and we're always grateful for some "my-own-space" time.  Just Sayin.

The Homeplace - Mobile Cottage Bliss

 It's taken a year + but we're finally getting to that place where  
Home Sweet Home
is right here.

We have little nooks and crannies for our "my-own-space" time;

made room for butterflies and bees

and you've seen it before .. Buzz's little bits of this and that on display in the garden.

It's retirement on a dime ... it's retirement 101 ... it's retirement with contentment ...
... and with God's help, we're enjoying the journey.

"Mobile Cottage Living"
The Homeplace.

Lest you think it's perfect bliss; there's a reason you're only seeing bits and pieces.
We're living in the real world here.

Blessings, Sweet Friends!


Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Inspiration from "All by Myself Time"

I would like to say that I start every day with a BIG glass of water ...
but then, I'd be fibbin.  I have a pretty serious problem getting enough water in my system.

During my "all by myself" time this morning,
it occurred to me that I might drink more water if it looked pretty and tasted pretty.

Don't they look wonderful!

I just finished my fifth glass of water flavored with lemon & fresh mint. 
Looks Pretty ... Tastes Pretty!

"all by myself time"

That's when I get most of my inspiration.

It's when I invite God's cooperation into my day.

When I hear ...
"Listen to what I have to say,
 don't disconnect ... pay attention"

Let's do this!

He's the one who helps me
live my life to the fullest...
right down to the water I drink.

Truly Inspirational!
 Psalm 19

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring - And New Beginnings

Happy First Day of Spring!

(from our front porch to yours)

We're getting excited about Spring at our house.
How about you?

If you're a follower, you know that last Spring, 
Buzz and I made a BIG unplanned move.   

Mobile Home Communities

When Buzz and I retired in 2010, we made the decision to 
downsize to a mobile home in an existing community.
It was a well-established community, so we didn't hesitate 
to make the small piece of land around our house our own.
We poured time, energy and money into a landscape that didn't
belong to us ... our decision, our risk.

Four years later ... almost to the day, 
we were told that the entire community had been sold 
and almost 300 families would have to move.

We were in shock and had some decisions to make -

Should we buy land?
Should we move into another MH Community?
Should we sell our home?

 After a LOT of Prayer, we made the decision to move
into another MH Community.

Okay, I know some of you are thinking, "didn't they learn the first time"?

Here's why we did it.

It's pretty simple ... we enjoy this lifestyle.
We enjoy the manageable green space (our yard).
We like being part of a small community
It's affordable & we feel safe.
It's where we feel like God want's us to be.

Could it happen again?
deo volente - (if it's meant to be)
Today, we're simply excited to see Spring again.

Buzz ... "The Garden Guy"
has a clean slate!

PS:  Sorry, it's taken so long to explain why we moved.  
If you're wondering how our house held up during the did great!  
Textured walls and all.

One of the perks to living in a mobile location, same home.


Thursday, February 18, 2016

Let's Stay Home - Free Graphic


When we were planning our retirement,
we imagined we would be on the road a LOT.

We anticipated going small town hopping in our home state
checking out the back roads
and secret places
exploring in general.

 Graphic designed by My Heartps Song 

As it's turned out,
our favorite place


which has made our retirement 
even better
than we thought
it would be.


I designed this graphic 
for another couple
who feel the same way we do,
and thought some of you
might enjoy it too.

It looks really 
printed on 
glossy photo paper.





copy to your desktop & print

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mobile Home Inspiration

Has your January been busy?  
Ours has...
I just realized my last post was a Christmas Greeting.

Even though we've been busy ... the wheels are still churning.
Oh yes, our to-do list for 2016 is looking pretty promising.

Time to Share

 I thought I'd share some of our inspiration ... 
maybe what inspires us, will inspire you too.

Mobile Home Inspiration 

 A Southern Belle with Northern Roots

Her entire home is delightful, but we're especially inspired 
by this feature wall in her guest bedroom.

It's absolutely charming! 

To see her home ... Follow the link.

Country Living Magazine 
Theresa Smith's Mobile Home
Can you see why?

I remember the first time we saw Theresa's home.
It absolutely changed our opinion about living in a Mobile Home... FOREVER!

We love her fearless "Salvage Style"

If you've never seen Theresa's Home before you can see it here

Whisperwood Cottage

This blogger is another BIG inspiration for us.

While we love this bathroom ... the entire cottage is designed to perfection.

If this eclectic style appeals to you,
you MUST explore her blog.
We've spent hours there.

Shabby Creek Cottage

Our personal Favorite.

We'll probably never be as bold as Gina, but we LOVE 
the freshness of her decorating style.

Her kitchen remodel is so delightful, but the rest of her home is equally as wonderful.

She definitely has a gift for packing style into small spaces.

Feeling Inspired?

Buzz and I are feeling hopeful about our to-do list for 2016
because it isn't real l-o-n-g.

Perhaps we'll have something to share with you soon.


What are you up to in 2016?