Tuesday, June 16, 2015

To Paint Or Not To Paint

Does this wall seem a little boring to you?

I keep pondering about painting it with chalkboard paint.


That's why I'm still pondering ... I can't decide.

To see more pictures of this space 

It's going to be hard to get crisp edges.
It may be tooo dark for my small space.

I'm still pondering,
but this PIN may have solved part of my problem.


With a shelf like this, 
I wouldn't be painting next to the ceiling.
(crisp edge issue solved)

Plus ... I could lighten it up with accessories like this. 

Can you see a chalkboard wall in my space?
Would you be so bold?

Buzz keeps saying ... 
"It's only paint, we should give it a try!"

PS: I'll keep you posted...because I think it's coming!

In the mean time, visit my Pinterest Board "Chalkboards" to see what else is inspiring me.