Friday, June 26, 2015

Front Porch and a New Beginning

You may remember when
this was the inspiration 
for our front porch.

It was our inspiration because 
it's bones were similar to our porch.

If you could get a closer look ...
you would see that it was nice and cozy.

It made us HaPpY!

When We Moved

we knew everything would change.

Starting Over

 This is just the beginning of what will be our
Front Porch.

We used some of the material from the old one,
but the new one is larger,
and has a completely different feel.

Even in the Early Stages
of our starting over,
excited because 
this is our new inspiration.

Fun isn't it!

We're normally minimalists when it comes to
using bold color, so ours won't be as bright as this,
there will be 
orange and blue.


stirred things up at our house, 
but, we're beginning to realize, 
it's in a good way.

"Life is Exciting ... Hold On!"



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