Friday, June 26, 2015

Front Porch and a New Beginning

You may remember when
this was the inspiration 
for our front porch.

It was our inspiration because 
it's bones were similar to our porch.

If you could get a closer look ...
you would see that it was nice and cozy.

It made us HaPpY!

When We Moved

we knew everything would change.

Starting Over

 This is just the beginning of what will be our
Front Porch.

We used some of the material from the old one,
but the new one is larger,
and has a completely different feel.

Even in the Early Stages
of our starting over,
excited because 
this is our new inspiration.

Fun isn't it!

We're normally minimalists when it comes to
using bold color, so ours won't be as bright as this,
there will be 
orange and blue.


stirred things up at our house, 
but, we're beginning to realize, 
it's in a good way.

"Life is Exciting ... Hold On!"


Saturday, June 20, 2015

Father's Day - Memories of My Dad

Homer Orvis Huff Jr
1-30-1926  -  4-12-2000

His name was Homer
but his friends
called him

I called him Daddy!

He was only 22 years my senior,
but somehow, he seemed much 
older and wiser.


My Dad

He always greeted me with a hug
and called me "Kitten" (even when I was grown). 

He loved singing (but not in public).

He loved eating sardines out of a can
(which I never understood).

He was FuN
and I miss him!

He's singing in Heaven now, and
I have a feeling God lets him belt out

every once in a while
just for FuN.
(another sweet memory)

"Happy Father's Day, Dad!"
Memories of you are flooding my mind.


Proverbs 20:7
The righteous (man) who walks in his integrity- 
blessed are his children after him.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Free Patriotic Graphics

Celebrating the USA

is a 


in our family!

If it's a Big Deal in your family, 

you might enjoy these

free patriotic graphics

that I designed

just for YOU.

Feel free to download and use as you'd like.

I made this little banner
by printing two images per page
on letter size card stock

It's so cute!

It would also be FuN

to do something like this.


ps:  I used PicMonkey photo editor to design my graphics.  
You should give it a try yourself.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Sweet Memory

A precious moment, caught in time.

Buzz & His Granny B 

Don't you just love seeing Moments like this one?

Even if I didn't know who they were,
I would still LOVE it!


Collect Memories ... Not Things 

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

To Paint Or Not To Paint

Does this wall seem a little boring to you?

I keep pondering about painting it with chalkboard paint.


That's why I'm still pondering ... I can't decide.

To see more pictures of this space 

It's going to be hard to get crisp edges.
It may be tooo dark for my small space.

I'm still pondering,
but this PIN may have solved part of my problem.


With a shelf like this, 
I wouldn't be painting next to the ceiling.
(crisp edge issue solved)

Plus ... I could lighten it up with accessories like this. 

Can you see a chalkboard wall in my space?
Would you be so bold?

Buzz keeps saying ... 
"It's only paint, we should give it a try!"

PS: I'll keep you posted...because I think it's coming!

In the mean time, visit my Pinterest Board "Chalkboards" to see what else is inspiring me.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Finding Our Peace

Our recent move has had Buzz and I 
feeling a little 

Some days, it's hard for us to think positive.

Some days, we just want things to be "the way they were".

It's on days like these,
that we remind ourselves of
Philippians 4:8

By simply adjusting our thinking,
the seemingly impossible happens...

Peace settles in
just like He promised,
and has us feeling

right side up

... excited about our journey.