Saturday, December 7, 2013

Joyeux Noël - Christmas Ornament Exchange

Joyeux Noël
From France

 It was an exciting day when Magali's package arrived.
 Buzz and I were heading out to run errands and we couldn't wait to see what was inside, 
so we opened it right then and there.
(in our car)

Inside was a sweet 
Christmas Wish 
and a note about each ornament she had packed.

The house on her handmade card is Her
"Little White House"
 Isn't it Lovely!

 The first thing she mentioned in her card was this little wooden teddy bear.
She chose it because of it's bright red and green colors.
(because she knew that's what I liked) 

 Doesn't it look sweet with my "Baby" Bear!
I sure think so.

 Magali said she had a hard time deciding between the 
Teddy Bear Ornament and this Fabric Heart
so she got them both.

Lucky Me...Because I Like them Both!

 I especially like the way the heart looks with these old ice skates.
Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

The apple is a nod to the very first Christmas tree's in France.
Magali said, "Back then, they were decorated with real ones of course!"

I love this 
It looks so pretty!

Then there was the Candy!

She said it was typically French
but these Texans thoroughly enjoyed it.
(Especially my better half)

Thank you Magali - from Buzz

Last but not Least
Magali made this NOEL cushion for me.
She purposefully left an opening so that 
I could tuck greenery inside,
that's exactly what I did.

As a nod to Magali 
I have it displayed in my
Inspired Guest Bath.

It couldn't be More 

My greatest gift has been getting to know You
through this 
"Christmas Ornament Exchange"
Thank You For Everything!

If you haven't met Magali yet, you should visit her blog

Thank You Vicky for hosting This
"Christmas Ornament Exchange".

I never in a million years thought I would enjoy it so much!

 Giving gifts to Debbie Harris
as well as receiving gifts from Magali.

It was a Blessing!

To see other participants in the
ornament exchange, visit the linky on
Vicky's Blog


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