Monday, May 28, 2012

Texas Hill Country

Everyone thought that Buzz and I would retire in the Texas Hill Country because we love visiting it so much.  Through the years, it's been our go to place to get away from it all.   We love all the little towns and villages such as Saledo, Fredricksburg, Gruene... well, just about anywhere in that general direction. 
These two photographs are at the old Salado college.  The school is no longer there but it's interesting to walk up the hill and see the ruins.  We make the climb every time we go.  In years past we always took pictures of our kids up there.. maybe that's why it's so enduring to us.
Heading towards Fredericksburg from Salado we stopped at the boyhood home of LBJ.  We've driven right past it for years, but decided to stop on our last trip.  The porches were wonderful...I could live there, yes I could! 
 Just down the road is the worlds largest 
wildflower seed farm... the pictures don't say it all.
In Fredericksburg we enjoyed German Food ... and visited one of our favorite shops..."Homestead".  We've made the trek to their place year after year (since the early 80's) and they never cease to inspire us. Owners, Tim and Carol Bolton have been featured in multiple publications for their innovative style, and rightly so.  
 their eye for presentation always amazes us

 Some neat reclaimed boots
(at the shop next door)

The drive home ended up being our favorite part of the trip.  It was Sunday morning, and instead of rushing like we usually do, we decided to take our time...

Snapping A Few Pictures Along The Way 

This little garden center called "Dig This" wasn't open, 
but it stopped us in our tracks!  
Aren't they CREATIVE!

We loved this old abandoned farm house...
it would be neat if someone could rescue it.
Or this abandoned gas station 
Someone saved this one...
We loved the character of this building which is now a restaurant.
(also not open)
Our idea of a beautiful curbside ... it looked so inviting!
In our minds we think we can recreate this... Hummm
(I love mind games)
Buzz Love through a store window... also not open.

and finally ... 
a TEXAS windmill

We're always talking about visiting other parts of Texas, and we have of course, but The Hill Country is By FAR our favorite.  

I think I hear it calling my name right this minute.


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