Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Guard Your Heart

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Monday, May 28, 2012

Texas Hill Country

Everyone thought that Buzz and I would retire in the Texas Hill Country because we love visiting it so much.  Through the years, it's been our go to place to get away from it all.   We love all the little towns and villages such as Saledo, Fredricksburg, Gruene... well, just about anywhere in that general direction. 
These two photographs are at the old Salado college.  The school is no longer there but it's interesting to walk up the hill and see the ruins.  We make the climb every time we go.  In years past we always took pictures of our kids up there.. maybe that's why it's so enduring to us.
Heading towards Fredericksburg from Salado we stopped at the boyhood home of LBJ.  We've driven right past it for years, but decided to stop on our last trip.  The porches were wonderful...I could live there, yes I could! 
 Just down the road is the worlds largest 
wildflower seed farm... the pictures don't say it all.
In Fredericksburg we enjoyed German Food ... and visited one of our favorite shops..."Homestead".  We've made the trek to their place year after year (since the early 80's) and they never cease to inspire us. Owners, Tim and Carol Bolton have been featured in multiple publications for their innovative style, and rightly so.  
 their eye for presentation always amazes us

 Some neat reclaimed boots
(at the shop next door)

The drive home ended up being our favorite part of the trip.  It was Sunday morning, and instead of rushing like we usually do, we decided to take our time...

Snapping A Few Pictures Along The Way 

This little garden center called "Dig This" wasn't open, 
but it stopped us in our tracks!  
Aren't they CREATIVE!

We loved this old abandoned farm house...
it would be neat if someone could rescue it.
Or this abandoned gas station 
Someone saved this one...
We loved the character of this building which is now a restaurant.
(also not open)
Our idea of a beautiful curbside ... it looked so inviting!
In our minds we think we can recreate this... Hummm
(I love mind games)
Buzz Love through a store window... also not open.

and finally ... 
a TEXAS windmill

We're always talking about visiting other parts of Texas, and we have of course, but The Hill Country is By FAR our favorite.  

I think I hear it calling my name right this minute.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Mobile Home Exterior - Before/After

If you've followed this blog for very long, you already know that we had an unexpected move in March 2015.  That's another story, but I will say, that our home held up great through it all, and we learned the true meaning of Mobile Home.  

When we purchased our home in 2010, the exterior looked pretty rough, but we could see past it and knew with a few improvements, it could look almost as good as new.

This is how our house looked on the day we purchased it.
You can see why one of the first things out of my mouth was,
"We have to paint the exterior".

Painting the Exterior
It took ages to pick out the colors, but once we found them, we couldn't wait to get started.  We chose the light colors because we liked them, but also knew they wouldn't fade (or show fading) as quickly as a darker color might have.   


You may notice that we now have shutters on all the windows.   We were thrilled to find the extras at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore Shop.  They've added much-needed character and were so easy to paint and install.

Prepping for paint:
A professional painter might have used a pressure washer to clean the exterior before painting, but that option wasn't a good one for us, so we used a large brush and washed most of it by hand.  It might not have been as clean as it should have been, but after four years we haven't noticed any problems.


We started painting by hand and switched to an airless sprayer very quickly.  What would have taken days took only hours plus we used less paint.  We were very pleased with the final result!

We used a good Satin/Semi Gloss Exterior Paint from Valspar

(The Colors - Because you've asked)
Asiago on the House
Oatlands Subtle Taupe on the Trim
Smoked Oyster for the Shutters

 New Storm Doors
We replaced the storm doors (front & back) with some really nice ones from our local big box store.  Since the doors on our mobile home are about four inches shorter than a standard door, Buzz had to cut them down before installing them.  (as seen in the pictures below)
This is the Back Door

Solar Screens
We have double windows but wanted to add solar screens (because of the Texas heat).  Buzz built a frame around each window as seen below and assembled the solar screens using kits/supplies from our big box store.   We noticed an immediate difference once the screens were installed.   

Front Porch

Our Porch Before We Moved

 Starting Over

Summer 2017

The Roof
The steel roof over system changed everything about our house.  It not only looks great, it's also made our house energy efficient and much quieter - well worth the investment.  To learn more about our Roof Over System, Click Here.  

We Retired and
 purchased our home in
December of 2010.
We've Never Looked Back
and are still
Keeping Life Simple.

God Bless!

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eau De Lavande - Mod Podge Tutorial

Mod Podge is becoming a staple around my house.  I keep finding new ways to put it to use, and thought I'd share my latest venture.    

For this project
I used
Tulip Fashion Glitter 
1" Sponge Brush
Label Graphic
Apothecary Jar

 It looked great filled with bath salts  
 As well as a vase at the dining table 
 But my favorite was as a simple vignette combined with some old letter's I recently found at a flea market.
Simple Instructions:
  1. Carefully cut out the graphic, then apply mod podge to the back.
  2. Attach the label to the jar pressing carefully with your fingers, positioning it where you want it as well as removing all air bubbles.
  3. Allow the mod podge to dry until the label is secure (about 30 minutes)
  4. Apply another coat of mod podge to the front of the label, being careful not to smudge the ink.  Note:  I used an ink-jet printer, but if you're using a laser printer you shouldn't have problems with smudging.  
  5. While the mod podge is still damp, sprinkle the glitter onto the front of the label.
  6. Carefully clean the jar by removing any of the mod podge/glitter that isn't on the label.
  7. Allow it to dry over night.    ALL DONE!
I love simple projects like this one and can't 
wait to make more for gift giving.
I hope you'll give it a try yourself!
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time in a Garden

This Garden Mirrors the Heart of the Gardener...  
... and it was a garden I didn't want to leave. 
We had our Dinner and then our Morning Coffee
 under this beautiful covered patio... 
No matter where you sat, the view was Wonderful.
   I kept thinking ... if it looks this good in Early Spring      
What will it be like when it's in Full Bloom.

The gardener said her favorite place to shop for plants
was the Clearance Section at the garden center.
 I believe these plants realize they've been rescued ... 
They Are
Happy! Happy! Happy!
She also buys her garden ornaments 
at the end of each season. 
(Also On Clearance!)
(my kind of shopper)
It was a little bit like Heaven on Earth!
These kitties know they have it made...they especially enjoy the pond.
(No! No!...they would NEVER eat the fish)
This garden isn't just an outdoor room...
It's an Outdoor Home!

Wasn't I Blessed to be able to visit it.
I sure think so!
it was like seeing a beautiful landscape painting