Friday, July 15, 2011


When driving to see family in East Texas, we always drive down Main Street in Emory ... in fact the little town of Emory could easily be called Hootenville. Seems like every business on the Main Street has Hooten in the name. (Well, maybe not all) At any rate, we finally decided to stop in at Hooten's Garden Center, next to Hooten's Hardware which is next to Hooten's Self Storage and actually found a few cute ideas for the garden.

I've seen pictures like this before, but this pottery scupture was pretty cute in person.

An "Outhouse" for a garden shed... well, maybe not so much...

Next time I see an old bicycle in the dumpster, I'm going diving...  
Buzz made the mistake of telling me he had seen one just the other day, and just didn't know what in the world we would do with it.  (I'm pretty sure he'll grab the next one)

We thought this was a clever idea for a temporary fence... It appears they have used cinder blocks and simply placed cedar posts through the holes...

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