Sunday, August 14, 2016

How are Things at the Homeplace?

How are things at the new homeplace?
I had a blogger ask me that yesterday and it got me itching to touch base with you again.
Sometimes, life just gets in the way ... which isn't always a bad thing.  :) 

Mobile Cottage

We moved our mobile home a little over a year ago, so now, we lovingly refer to it as the Mobile Cottage.  Kinda like a "BIG" ... Tiny House.  By the way...we love the HGTV show Tiny House Hunters,  but sometimes scratch our heads and wonder why some of the Tiny House Families haven't purchased a Mobile Cottage like ours...makes perfect sense to us.  We know from experience that a family living in a tiny space can be a little testy.  Seriously, there are only two of us and we're always grateful for some "my-own-space" time.  Just Sayin.

The Homeplace - Mobile Cottage Bliss

 It's taken a year + but we're finally getting to that place where  
Home Sweet Home
is right here.

We have little nooks and crannies for our "my-own-space" time;

made room for butterflies and bees

and you've seen it before .. Buzz's little bits of this and that on display in the garden.

It's retirement on a dime ... it's retirement 101 ... it's retirement with contentment ...
... and with God's help, we're enjoying the journey.

"Mobile Cottage Living"
The Homeplace.

Lest you think it's perfect bliss; there's a reason you're only seeing bits and pieces.
We're living in the real world here.

Blessings, Sweet Friends!