Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Inspiration from "All by Myself Time"

I would like to say that I start every day with a BIG glass of water ...
but then, I'd be fibbin.  I have a pretty serious problem getting enough water in my system.

During my "all by myself" time this morning,
it occurred to me that I might drink more water if it looked pretty and tasted pretty.

Don't they look wonderful!

I just finished my fifth glass of water flavored with lemon & fresh mint. 
Looks Pretty ... Tastes Pretty!

"all by myself time"

That's when I get most of my inspiration.

It's when I invite God's cooperation into my day.

When I hear ...
"Listen to what I have to say,
 don't disconnect ... pay attention"

Let's do this!

He's the one who helps me
live my life to the fullest...
right down to the water I drink.

Truly Inspirational!
 Psalm 19