Monday, September 28, 2015

Double Wide With Farmhouse Style - Follow-up

Do you remember this 
Double Wide With Farmhouse Style?

This has been a popular post on my blog, so I thought it would be nice to follow-up with Rhonda & Al to see if they'd added anything new ... and sure enough they have.

Check Out These Updates 

New Closet System

Rhonda wanted it to look like an old built in closet.  

They've incorporated their TV cabinet by raising it up off the floor and adding a chest underneath.  

Great use of Space!

It looks charming and does look like an old built in closet.

Shiplap Over The Fireplace

The shiplap definitely adds "Farmhouse Style"
especially, with Rhonda's special touches.

They've also ... 

Great Job!

Rhonda & Al are in a busy season of life, so I really
appreciate them sharing more of their "Farmhouse Style" with us.  
They always leave us wanting more ... 

Blessings Sweet Friends!

PS: If you live in a mobile home and have done some unique things to make it yours, I'd love to see. Maybe I could share what you've done too.  

Email me at

Let's Inspire One Another!


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