Friday, June 20, 2014

Washer Necklaces - A Kid Friendly Craft

My Granddaughter just spent 12 days with me! 


 We spent one afternoon


Washer Necklaces.

I'll admit that the 
nail polish was a little risky

but she did a Great job!

Once everything was dry, she strung them together with colorful beads

and Voilà

For our Washer Necklaces, we used:
(Made Twelve)

Two Packages of Washers (two different sizes) 
A Bag of Colorful Beads 
Elastic "Gold" Thread
Various colors of Nail Polish

  1. We laid out newspaper, but also put a sheet of wax paper on top to keep the nail polish from sticking to the paper.  
  2. She painted both sides of the washers with various colors of nail polish (allowing each side to dry completely).
  3. She assembled the necklaces by stringing the washers and beads onto the Gold Thread.  

They made great gifts!  

By the time she went home, 
she had already given half of them away.


Arts and Crafts were FuN
Playing was even better!

Oh HaPpY DaYs!