Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Copy Cat 2012

Whether I'm reading another blog, or browsing through Pinterest there is almost always something that I want to try and copy. I know I'm not the only one, because Debbie at Debbiedoo's hosts an entire 
dedicated to bloggers just like me... 

My Holiday Knock Off For 2012
A Simple 
inspired by 

For my knock off, I printed sheet music from The Graphics Fiary  website onto cardstock, then tried my best to copy the lettering I saw on 
Sweat Pea Home's design.  
Alas...I didn't have a dress form, so I just hung mine on an old mirror... but Buzz and I think it looks almost as good.

To see more Holiday knock off's...
be sure to visit the party at 

ps:  this was my Christmas Copy Cat for 2011
just in case you missed it.


  1. This little banner is so so cute. I think you did a wonderful job! Great copycat! Copying the sheet music is a great idea. I always use real vintage sheet music and it seems like such a shame. My copies never come out well. I'll have to try with The graphic Fairy...Thanks,

  2. Geneva- I think that is absolutely gorgeous. A wonderful tribute to the one you copied. PERFECT- xo Diana

  3. I absolutely love this! I'm making this for sure next year. You did a great job !

  4. Your knock-off is wonderful. Beautiful job. Looks perfect on the mirror.

  5. It might be simple but it looks sophisticated and wonderful!

  6. Are you kidding? Yours looks better on the mirror! :) I think this is SO pretty--I'd love to try it.

  7. I love it on the mirror too. Really a fun little project. Mimi

  8. Your handmade banner looks fantastic on your mirror Geneva! Lots of pretty glitter too.

  9. Just gorgeous. And you are a good copier indeed. No you are certainly NOT alone:) The party is growing and more inspiration is added each day. I love it, and I thank you for joining.

  10. Your banner looks amazing. I love it hung across your fabulous mirror.

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