Sunday, November 11, 2012

Autograph Quilt

A few years ago I purchased an old autograph quilt with the intention of repurposing pieces of it.  Only thing, I could never bring myself to cut it up.

All the hand embroidered autographs were so sweet... I loved looking at all the names and imagining how these families were connected.

Now that Buzz and I have retired and are downsizing I decided the best way for me to repurpose this quilt was to take pictures of each square, then donate the actual quilt to a local charity.  I didn't have to destroy it, plus I can use the digital images in dozens of ways.

At first, I was only going to share a couple of the images with you, but I finally decided to share all 19 squares so you could see the names, and maybe connect to some of these people as well.


Did you know any of these folks?

Feel free to download any of these images for your own art projects...I think these folks might like the idea that their handiwork was still being enjoyed today!