Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring Banner


Laruie Anna's Spring banner inspired me to no end.
Of course, I didn't have all the wonderfulness to create one just like this, 
so I worked with what I had.

* * *

Buzz had just finished a project using cedar fencing and had all these little pieces left over.  
When he asked me if I could use them for anything ... the wheels started turning.

The project was simple... I white washed each piece of cedar then printed a bee hive graphic from The Graphic's Fairy along with the word S P R I N G in a font that I liked.   I carefully cut around each graphic then applied them face down on the cedar with Mod Podge (make sure to flip your letters before you print them)

I allowed them to dry just over four hours, then carefully removed the paper buy running warm water over each piece while gently rubbing with my fingers, revealing a time worn image that I love.

Brown tulle to ties everything together.  

I stapled it to the back of each piece making a large loop at the top

it looks so light and airy.

It definitely feels like Springtime!

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