Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Treat Baskets for Easter

Remember these bags from my previous post?

free graphic from Funkytime
(Note -the Funkytime website is no longer available 3/20/16)
I took advantage of this free printable 
and came up with a treat bag/basket with a different twist 

The jiffy peat pots came from Buzz's garden shed ...   
 (don't worry...he still has plenty for his projects)

I dry-brushed each pot with white acrylic paint ... then

I chose one of the free graphics and printed multiples on a sheet of tissue paper. 
(If you've never printed on tissue paper, the trick is to tape it to a regular piece of paper) 

It worked like a charm! 

To get a nice feathered edge, 
I used an artist brush dipped in water.

  Mod Podge 
was the perfect media for applying the graphics

 Right away they made me happy!

I'm not sure what I'll fill them with on Easter Sunday, 
but I can't wait to share them with everyone.

* * *