Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Box Filled With Treasures & Potpourri Oil

I helped my Mother celebrate her birthday last week ... but she ended up giving me a gift instead.   She had been saving this cute little box for me ... How did she know I would love it so much!!!

Isn't it cute!
I just love the printing on the back ...  
and do you see those cute little hinges?
However ... the real treasure was inside.  
Look at all these Wonderful Wooden Spools!!!
I couldn't have been more thrilled!  
Of course, I realize not everyone gets excited 
about things like this, but I sure do.
What will I do with them...? 

For now, I've just added some of Claire Burke's  potpourri oil to the spools and have them displayed in my living room.  They not only looks wonderful, but smell good too.  

They're just so cute!

Thank You Mom!
I love the gift and the giver!
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