Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where's Your Jewelry?


I like the idea of it

but when it comes to wearing it

this little bowl full is about it.

For the most part

you'll find it hanging  here and there

or tucked behind my closet door.


Where's your jewelry 
when you're not wearing it?

Do you like to dress your home with it just like Me?

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Remember the "Good"

Every once in a while

 there's a moment in time

that's almost perfect

and you know it 

you take Joy in it and Remember it.

It's a moment when you know

you've got a memory

 you can bring back any time

especially when you're feeling discouraged.

 (Christmas in Stockbridge, Mass, 1967 - a McCall's painting by Norman Rockwell)

When I look at this picture by Norman Rockwell, I not only see his idealized world; I also see a memory.

It's just a McCall's magazine centerfold in a time worn frame, but it's enduring to me because Buzz gave it to me just a couple of years after we were married.  It was a gift from the heart and made me so happy!  Of course this is just one of many memories; because my list of "good" memories has grown pretty substantial over the years.

That being said ... now that Buzz and I are retired and are together 24/7 there are times when I wish he would move into one of those little houses behind "Williams & Sons" in the fourth picture.   One of those cute little houses with smoke rising from the chimney.  I'm sure he'd be happy there.

Y'all know I'm kidding!
I don't even have to guess,
I'm positive he feels the same way about me at times.

 That's because we don't live in Norman Rockwell's idealized world.  We live in the "Real" world where two imperfect people who love one another,  try to figure out how to get along.

This is where the Memory comes in!

When I get the least bit annoyed by something Buzz is doing, has done or will do ... if it bugs me enough to get completely annoyed, I just reach back into my memory bank, pull out some of my favorite memories of him and I'm immediately reminded of how much he loves me and I love him.

It doesn't take but a minute until that annoyance just slips away.

There it goes!

 “. . . Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things,” (Philippians 4:8).

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Identity in Christ - Matthew 5:13

 (photograph edited with iPiccy)
Salt & Light

Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven
make an impact on society because they're different
(not weird or bizarre but distinct)

thank you for
allowing each of us 
to be 
Salt & Light 

in our own unique way.

Everything You do is Perfect!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Hugs Vs Fast Food

Buzz and I 
are thinking about someone far away

(flowers from our garden)
wishing there was some way

to send a "Real" hug his way

But since we can't,
we'll send our thoughts and prayers along with  
a few reminders of home.

Of course, he doesn't care about all this Mushy Stuff. 

He'd much rather have us send him some Good 
Fast Food!

We miss you Buzzling!

Numbers 6:24-26

24 ‘May the Lord bless you
    and protect you.
25 May the Lord smile on you
    and be gracious to you.
26 May the Lord show you his favor
    and give you his peace.’

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Rainy Days and Zucchini

Here it is the middle of July, and we're actually having slightly cooler weather and rain.

Both were unexpected and Both appreciated!

 Isn't he cute!  
Just like me ... he's enjoying the Rain
Now, down to the business of Sharing Recipes 

Remember this from my previous post?

You won't believe what I did with this ONE Zucchini

The first inch or so made this Zucchini Bread

I know...I was surprised too!

I found the recipe on Pinterest

We're trying to eat healthy ... so this seemed like a good choice.
(whole wheat & honey = healthy)   
The only thing I added were
Chopped Walnuts
(personal preference)

It's tasty but a little dryer than I would like.
(of course...that may not be the recipes's probably the cook)

With the rest of that ONE Zucchini
I made this Relish

Another recipe I found on Pinterest

I liked this one because it only called for 1/4 c of sugar
(kinda healthy)
plus it was quick and easy

This one has passed the "Buzz" test.
(in case you don't know ... Buzz is my husband)
See that small jar ... well, it's already gone!

So this one gets


I did use some of chili peppers from our garden
but other than that, I followed their recipe.

Needless to say
the little birdie and I are enjoying our rainy days

Him on my Front Porch
Me in my Kitchen

  Wish you were here ... it's just Glorious
I would Share!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Garden Fresh Breakfast

I ran across a breakfast idea the other day that sounded so good...
I'm not sure if it was in a Magazine, Pinterest or a Blog, 
but it was so simple, I knew I could remember it.

Show & Tell

  1. Fresh tomato's from the garden
  2. Mini Whole Wheat Bagel's sliced and toasted
  3. Soft Cream Cheese
  4. Salt & Pepper

 (the parsley is from our garden :)

Garden Fresh and Delicious!

On another note...

We were only gone two days and look what happened!

It's so big, I didn't think it would be good, 
but my Mother suggested making Zucchini Relish with it ... 
 then we had a good laugh about the abundance from our gardens.

She said where she lives...
"You have to make sure you lock your car when you go to church,
 or you'll find Zucchini in it when you get back"

Then I wondered...are our neighbors getting tired
 of finding Zucchini on their doorsteps.  

In the mean time...
 Zucchini I come!
(If it turns out good ... it will be just one more thing to share)
Happy Gardening & Happy Sharing!

Sunday, July 7, 2013